A week of phone addiction (Lupi to Posavec)

If you’re fascinated about data viz, check out this story about these two designers (Giorgia and Stefanie) that documented their lives for a year by creating and sending each other hand-drawn data postcards.

They touched on collecting different data points like (physical contacts, phone addiction, swearing, complaints, spouses, what they…

The semantics lets us express the affordances that the HTML element offers. Every element has a role, name, value, and state. A typical example to explain "affordances" is a teapot. It has a handle for holding by hand and a spout through which the tea is served.

With proper semantics…

Hi Friends, I recently joined a Finnish startup (BCaster.com) after my time at one of African's most forward Banking institution as a Product designer.

At BCaster, we form a social media network of your users — inside your own app. BCatser can help any company, organization, campaigns or consumer brand…

Packages move through the Walmart distribution center in Bentonville powered by design system.


This Invisionapp’s design system manager episode reveals how organizations deal with challenges of scaling digital product design. It also reveals how the design system can bring teams together and help them provide consistency in products.

John Gall, a pediatrician said, “every complex system, that works was invariably created from a…

Jide Lambo.

Designer at Nordcloud — an IBM company. https://jidelambo.com

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